Hem / Less+ Framework

Less+ Framework

Less+ empowers designers and developers to build websites that can adapt their content depending on screen resolution.

Included is both Less+ for Less 4 (10 col / default, 8 col, 5 col, 3 col) & Less 3 (13 col, 8 col / default, 5 col, 3 col).

Psst. This is licensed under the MIT License. Please leave the attributions intact.

Less Framework

This framework is an extension of the Less Framework built by Joni Korpi with the difference that it has extended support for Internet Explorer. Please visit his the Less Framework page to read more about Jonis ideas and more related resources.

More reading

If you wish to read more about my thoughts on the benefits and usage, please feel free to read the original Blog post. I can also recommend checking out the Vertical Rhythm tool.

Less Grid Overlay

This branch of the Less Framework includes the Less Grid overlay by @RnowM.

jQuery Media Queries

This branch of the Less Framework uses the jQuery Media Queries library built by Protofunc as suggested by Richard Shepherd.