On the 27-28 of August we had the great pleasure of attending and contributing to this years most awesome Swedish WordPress event; Norrköping WordCamp 2015.

As venue this year we had booked the amazing Visualiseringscenter in Norrköping. Visualiseringscenter has a great dome theatre and gave the whole event a good ”wow” feeling.

Thursday: Speakers dinner

As is customary, we had a speakers dinner the day before the event. At the speakers dinner Sponsors and speakers attend. We had a great evening full of eating, drinking and singing traditional Swedish drinking songs.

Friday: WordCamp Norrköping

The main event for Friday had two sessions. One for designers and entrepreneurs and one for developers. In the end, it was a good mix for everyone (I hope) and people mostly complained that they couldn’t listen to all the tracks at the same time.

Jimmy did a session called ”Open Source Entrepreneurship” that was about how a company in the Open source business must grow and what the major milestones are in order to grow. Jimmy had three major points: ”Get things done”,”Take responsibility” and ”Future-proof”. Getting things done was about having good process, structure and employ good people. Taking responsibility was about doing maintenance and controlling quality in deliveries the best way we can (ie tests & continuous delivery). Future-proofing was about how giving back to the project was necessary in order for us to control where WordPress goes in the future and make sure it develops in a good direction.

Session videos

Dome Room:

VR Room:


Saturday: Contribution day

Of course we had a contribution day. Around 30 people came to gick back to the WordPress project. We put together a few different topics, and then let the teams decide what they would do within that topic during the day. We got a Core team, Plugin team, Translation team and a Theme review team.

The Core team went trough the process of how to best contribute to core, what vagrant machine you should use, and then worked on #33528, amongst other things.

The Plugin team worked on a site for visualising plugin data and code quality. They got a work in progress up and running, but we’ll see more of this project later on hopefully.

The Translation team made a blog post describing how to help translate WordPress themes and core, and also translated 2x themes to Swedish; StoreFront and GeneratePress.

The Theme review team went trough the process of how you properly review a theme. They then proceeded to review a theme waiting for review in the theme repo.

Thank you! We hope to see you next year!


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WordCamp Norrköping 2015

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